Dr. Anwar Shaikh)President)
Dr. Anwar Shaikh, M.Com., MBA., Ph.D, is an educationist, researcher and a transformational leader. He has more than 25 years of teaching, research, consultancy, executive education and industry experience. He has been nominated as Senate Member of University of Pune by the Governor of Maharashtra. He is also member of various boards and committees of University of Pune. He has also worked as Director of Poona Institute of Management Science and Entrepreneurship. He is M.Phil and Ph. D. Research Guide of University of Pune. 16 students have completed Ph.D and 14 students have completed M.Phil under his guidance.He has extensively traveled to countries like Iran, Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand and Singapore.
Dr. Keasi (Vice President)

Dr. Keasi is a Certified Emergentics Trainer and Certified Birkman Consultant. These are significant scientific and psychometric tools used by large corporations, NGOs and Educational Institutions and focus on human development.

As Country Manager of Emergenetics India, Dr. Keasi oversees the overall operations and business activities of the company. Dr. Keasi is responsible for both the day-to-day running of the company and the growth and development of our Associates base. In the area of operations, Keasi also liaises with Emergenetics Asia to ensure consistencies in procedures, deliverables and strategies.

Dr. Keasi is passionate about social work and had been with International NGOs at the capacity of City Coordinator 3 years, Project Director 2 years, Team Leader 2 years, with working experience in health care for more than 9 years and community development for 2 years.

Dr. Foueti (Director)

Dr. Foueti is a Certified Emergenetics Trainer. He did his certification training in Hong Kong 2006. He has conducted training in the field of education, corporate, and Non Government Organisations.

He is a Training Director and guest lecture with the International University of the Nations, Hawaii. He conducts training, coaching, and mentoring of both groups and individuals with this University.

He has over 10 years of experience in leadership, training, and coaching of an International NGO at middle and senior management in the Pacific and Asia. He is responsible for various training programmes in NGOs in South Asia.

Dr. Ah Kie Lim(Expert Director)

Dr. Ah Kie Lim is a native of Malaysia. She works as a human resource development director for Asian Institute of Intercultural Studies a US based international university. Dr. Lim holds a Master degree in Intercultural Studies focused on Cross-cultural Leadership Development and a PhD in Contextual Human Resource Development with Fuller Graduate School, California, USA. She received an award for her PhD dissertation in contextual human resource development.

Dr. Lim pioneered a Cross-cultural training school in Manila, Philippines with University of the Nations. She is also the director for the human resource development work with the University of the Nations in the US.

Dr. Lim speaks regularly in Europe, United States of America, Africa, and Asia